LOLER Repair Services

Universal can offer a lot of benefits of being a supplier. We have many services, time/money saving options available which would be beneficial.

We have trained members of staff on all types of equipment and certain brands meaning we can either provide refresher training courses, service and maintain products and provide LOLER certifications for your lifting equipment once tested and inspected by one of the team.

Please see below the extra services we can provide in which may be of service and could provide a good relationship between Universal and other businesses 

Minifor and Tiraks

Universal lifting has a very good relationship with Tractel the manufacturer of Minifor and Tirak winches. We have fully trained staff with certificates and training to fully service and complete a full strip down of these items. Giving you the option of sending these to our branches which would be time saving and also be more cost effective.

Loler, Test & Inspection

Universal offers fully inspected equipment straight to site, inspection tickets and also a loler cert will be provided upon delivery. We can also offer that when products are ordered that a full test on this item can be done in which that item can have the full maximum length of time until needing replacing.


Universal can offer our PASMA trained staff to attend a site where we can fully install a lift shaft tower and sign off, ready for the engineers on site to start their work. This would also include delivery of the tower itself in the full package.

Eye Bolt & Beam Testing

We can also offer our services when eye bolts need installing/ tested or when a beam needs testing, we have fully trained staff to provide quick turnarounds and give full assistance to sites and this also comes with full certification.